Whilst any new product will have some impact on the environment, we have gone to great lengths to make sure our products are as eco-friendly as possible. We have outlined below what we currently do to minimise our impact, however we are always reviewing this and open to suggestions if you have any for us:

  • WAX - we use 100% natural soy wax in our candles, and are now in the process of switching to a coconut & rapeseed wax blend which is the cleanest and most sustainable wax option out there. Take a look at some of the high street candles you may haver around your home- they are likely to be made from Paraffin Wax, which releases harmful toxins and is a by product of a extremely planet unfriendly practice. 
  • CANDLE CONTAINERS - our candles come in beautiful glass containers which we purposefully picked with the hopes that our customers will clean out and reuse once their candle has burnt out, simply pop your container in a pan with boiling water to melt the remaining wax and pour away (not down the sink!). We use ours to test new candles, as pen holders, to hold makeup brushes or even as mini plant pots! 
  • PRODUCT PACKAGING - our wax melts come in glassine bags which is recyclable and biodegradable and our candles come in cardboard boxes which can be recycled.
  • POSTAGE PACKAGING - our small double-wall mailing boxes are composed of 60-90% recycled materials. Our larger boxes are made from a lighter reinforced cardboard which again is composed of 60-90% recycled materials and with them being 7% lighter than a standard double-wall box of the same size, it means they save 30% CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process- and they're stronger! Of course both boxes can be recycled once you have received your products.
  • PROTECTIVE PACKAGING- naturally we accumulate a lot of packaging materials when ordering in our supplies, so we collect all of the protective packing peanuts and various other materials to reuse in your orders!
  • MARKETING MATERIALS - in your order you will receive a positive affirmation card, candle care card (if you order a candle) and a thank you note. Our candle care card and thank you note are made from 100% recycled materials which you can recycle again. Our positive affirmation cards are made from a  premium card which we selected so that you can keep hold of it and carry it with you for years to come for a daily dose of positivity. Our marketing materials supplier are also passionate about sustainability and we will happily provide more information about this on request (we can't go giving away too many of our secrets!).
  • PLANT POWER- we are also a vegan owned company and super passionate about the animals we share our planet with, so rest assured sustainability is something we take extremely seriously.