Satya Incense

Satya Incense

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Fill your home with the mesmerising aroma of Satya Incense. Handmade in India, each stick is a blend of natural herbs and scents, believed to help rid the home of negative energy, bacteria and air born pollutants. 

Each 15g box contains 12-15 incense sticks, depending on weight. 

Scents available

Nag Champa: can be used to sanctify or purify a space and is a good aid to meditation or deep relaxation.

Namaste:  a rich, invigorating scent that creates a harmonising and celebratory ambience, ideal for intimate social gatherings and festive occasions. This blend helps foster friendships between individuals.

Spiritual Healing: harmonizes energy imbalances in the auric fields and supports physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Sunrise: perfect for creating an environment of calm and relaxation, to help focus the mind. 

Rose: helps gently alleviate anxiety and depression and correct hormonal imbalances.

Palo Santo: supports and encourages initiative and is also an effective mosquito repellent. This incense enhances creativity.

Reiki: a gentle aid and supportive guide to healing during physical illness and to restore emotional well-being. This blends activates a natural healing process and is best used in conjunction with spiritual or healing practice.

Meditation: aids in building mental strength, clarity and life force energy, as also in achieving deep states of relaxation, patience and compassion.